Hire Me to Speak


Education is my thing. But its not my only thing.

Speaking might possibly be my favorite thing to do. It’s how I connect. I love being face to face with people who are ready to be inspired. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb talking. My gift of gab comes through in my talks. Whether I’m talking about education, dreaming big, or my latest restaurant experience, my passion is already right there. Sometimes, I use colorful language. Sometimes, I use my big-girl words. I always bring my heart and my “A” game.

When I speak to an audience, I leave it all on the stage. My goal is to add move value than the audience expects. Every time, it should be a Win-Win-Win.

Below are some of the topics I speak on. This is not an exhaustive list. Please be specific in the form below and we will connect with you ASAP.

Education: Student Engagement, Importance of Relationships with Kids, Literacy, Early Literacy, Data that Matters, Instructional Strategies that Work, STEM and Literacy, Parent Enpowerment-not Engagement.

Personal Development for Teachers: Stop Burnout, Broke Teacher Mindset for Teachers, Power of Discipline, Power of Thought, Managing Teacher Overwhelm, Taking Big Action, Permission to Dream BIG, Powerful Mornings

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