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“Broke Teacher” Mindset Cure


Have you ever thought or said any of these things:

Teachers don’t make money.

I didn’t get in this field to be rich.

Teachers aren’t paid what they are worth.

We are not valued because we aren’t paid enough.

I am over worked and underpaid, but that is what I signed up for as a teacher.

I am here for the kids, not the money.

I have to work 3 jobs to even pay my bills.

Teachers aren’t rich.

What if, INSTEAD, these things were true?

I’m a teacher AND I make gobs of money.

I make a huge difference in the lives of kids AND I have a fat bank account.

I am the kind of person who is wealthy AND a teacher.

Teachers make exactly what they are worth, and I am worth tens.

I decide my value, not my employer.

Teachers aren’t broke unless thy choose to be.

Ahhhhh., doesn’t that feel way better? Go back and read those again!

You may be thinking, “This girl is whack!” I assure you I am not (most days).

Seems audacious, huh? You may even be wondering what brand of Colorado voodoo I have found (ya know what I mean). But I am promising you… this is absolutely not voodoo, hocus pocus, or crazy talk.

This is a shift we need to make in education right now.


In this course, I help you work on your mindset, your mental game. Your reality is a result of your thoughts and emotions- and money is no different. This is not a course about how to build a side hustle. This is not a course to teach you how to get Insta-famous.

This is a course to get your money mindset right.

This may seem woo-woo and less pragmatic for some. And for others you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. This is the real deal.

We will get clear on your MONEY STORY. (We all have one). What are your money blocks and your money beliefs? Where did they come from? We will talk about vibration and alignment. The kind of action you need to take in your life around money. We will talk about shaking the money tree and putting fear where it belongs. We will talk about lack versus abundance. We will talk about being wealthy and being of service- spoiler alert: the 2 can (and should) co-exist.


Well…. if you are happy with the way things are going for you, it doesn’t and I am so freaking happy for you.

If you feel like lack of money or opportunities are holding you back fro something greater- then you need to handle this part of your life.

If you are ever afraid to look at your bank account balance, or if yo play debit card roulette at the grocery store hoping your mascara purchase will be “APPROVED”, or if you aren’t pulling the trigger on the vacation to Cabo with your girlfriends because you have $329 to get you to the end of the month… or you are working 60 hours each week just to make it- then we need to chat.

Your dreams and your impact are on the other side of your financial freedom. Money is not EVERYTHING, but you can do MORE when you have it. You can do MORE good. You can save MORE, you can spend MORE, you can INVEST MORE, you can GIVE MORE,

Heck, you can buy more flair pens and sticky notes than you know what to do with. You can buy all the school supplies for all the classrooms in the land when you have more. Ain’t nothing wrong with a fat bank account and a big heart. Imagine what we could do in teaching if we created a revolution of wealthy teachers.

Imagine a teacher consumed with debt and “broke” ness walking into her classroom of 4th graders every day. How would she show up? How would she feel every day? How would she spend her weekends? How would she show up on Monday? How would she show up on the day before Spring Break? How would she show up on the first day back from summer break?

Now, imagine a teacher who had all the money she needed and more. She had more than enough money to pay for all her needs and desires, and money to cover the unexpected things. She has enough money in the back to cover her annual salary 3 times over if she wanted to. How would SHE show up to work? What would her swagger down the hap look like? How would her stress levels be impacted? What kind of impact would use have on students when her finances were HANDLED?

Our collective BROKE TEACHER MINDSET is impacting ur students, our work, our relationships with our employers.

Lemme just go there for a second- We get bitter and resentful that we aren’t paid enough. We are exhausted from working multiple jobs. We are pissed because other people with the same amount of education as us are paid double or triple. We are frustrated because we work summer jobs to make up the difference. We are tired for working long hours, and for what? Often, we feel trapped in a career that WE chose. We feel our work is noble and just, yet we are barely living above the poverty line. We also can feel limited in our options. We don’t know what ELSE we could do, we are in love with the calling of teaching, but burnt our from the work. We sacrifice weekends and celebrations, and living life FULL OUT.

Wouldn’t it be ah-mazing to live life without worry, without struggle?

What would it feel like to live on your terms? Having the kind of life you decided was the one you wanted to life.

How would it feel to go to a restaurant and order what you want- and not look at the right side of menu (prices)?

What would it feel like to break a tooth and not freak out because of what this is going to cost?

What would it be like to not have to choose between your child’s birthday party and the phone bill?


A digital course that helps heal your “broke teacher” mindset and make you a magnet for the great things you want in your life.

If this sounds like you, then you gotta get in this course.

“Broke Teacher”MINdset cure


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