Everything you need is already within you. -Tara


Tara Boertzel, M.Ed, MBA

Teacher Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Personal Development Junkie, Champagne Lover.

I bring vigor and moxie to all things education, business, and personal development. I’m obsessed with business strategy, K-12 education, personal development, and chasing GREAT. BIG. DREAMS.

I create coaching programs, courses, and some pretty awesome swag for TEACHERS (and anyone else) who believe in dreaming big. I want to build a community of gals who know they are created for MORE. I show TEACHERS (and, yes anyone else) how to move from feeling overwhelmed to living in their WOW.

My Promise: I help you to take BIG action both inside and outside the classroom so you can live the BOLD and DARING life you always envisioned for yourself. I promise that when you engage with what I create, you will get closer to the life and career you envisioned for yourself.

If you are looking for inspiration, mentorship, and a kick-ass community, you are in the right place. I am so happy you are here!

xo, Tara


My Story


As an impressionable young educator, I embraced the idealistic traditional teacher role inside the classroom. After working in school districts across the country, I quickly realized that my passion for the profession was replaced by burnout.

After my 3rd year of teaching and 2 PIPs (Performance Improvement Plans), I was D-O-N-E. I applied to jobs at the FBI, random airlines, and financial institutions (say whaaaa?) while slinging drinks at a beach bar. ANYTHING not to go back to the classroom. I felt like a huge failure and a disappointment to my family who, only 3 years prior were so proud to FINALLY see me graduate after my 8 year undergrad plan. I was failing epically at a career I thought I wanted.

So I pivoted and applied for a Director of Education position at a tutoring center. As luck would have it, the woman I was replacing stayed to train me for a month. I had no idea what this would mean for my future, but she became my mentor whose influence changed the trajectory of my career forever.

I went from a teacher who was drowning in fear, borderline incompetence, overwhelm, angst, worry, shame and disappointment to savvy, poised, confident, renowned, and trusted. I went on to become an instructional coach, speaker on reading interventions at a national convention, school administrator, and educational consultant. I became a pioneer in the field of creative learning strategies, educator effectiveness, and teacher training.

Mentorship made all the difference. Having the right mentor do the right things at the right time, changed. my. life. So now, after nearly 2 decades in education, I got this feeling…. inside my bones…. to help any teacher who ever has felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or worse, a failure. I want to help you go from that place of crying in your Chic-Fil-A to skipping into Power Yoga ready to conquer the world.

Are you ready to get started?